Blockchain paves the way for a revolutionary technological breakthrough which fuels social and economic developments far beyond the digital world.

The promise of the Blockchain? To record, share, store, and supply data in a reliable, inviolable, and transparent way without relying on a trusted third party (auditor or regulator), therefore eliminating centralized authority.

Data sharing no longer depends on a central server but on a peer-to-peer relationship, decentralized, which ensures the immutability and the traceability of all operations. Transactions are authentified, validated, and registered by computer servers – called “miners” – who are involved in the Blockchain network. Each approved transaction is chronologically added as block in the chain of transactions, and each new block includes the digital signature of the previous block. Thus ensuring the inviolability of all data registered in the chain. Blockchain, being open-source, can be audited by anyone. Blockchain, which operates as a decentralized verification system, acts as a protocol generating trust.

Therefore, the distributed, autonomous, and transparent architecture of the Blockchain disrupts the notion of trust, and contributes to improving societal organization. This is the guarantee of a fundamental transformation of our civilization.



To address the shortcomings of traditional voting systems, BELEM has developed a secure remote voting tool whose transparent and reliable result can be audited by anyone. A truly democratic solution.

Thanks to Blockchain and its tamper-proof ledger, organizing an inviolable election becomes simple and inexpensive

The online voting solution developed by BELEM is suitable for any kind of election, professional or political: general meetings, executive committees, council meetings, elections of representatives, referendums, citizen consultations, deliberations. Consulting citizens becomes straightforward.


Paving the way for a new notarial market, BELEM has developed an authentication tool that provides a simple, economical and safe way to record and protect personal or business data (industrial patent, certificates of birth/death, proof of residence and solvency, financial market data, diplomas, land and proof of ownership of physical items).

Blockchain enables to record a tamper-proof, irrefutable, and immutable proof of existence of data or documents. The time stamp of the latter via its digital signature serves as proof of its existence at a given date.

The content of the data being registered may be shared or remain confidential, but the footprint of the data can be audited by anyone. Security of the data is ensured. The inviolability of Blockchain counteracts the vulnerability of existing notarial processes.


We developed an innovative platform that relies on cryptography to deliver the next wave in data sharing. Our solution enables independent parties to organize decentralized calculation on private data without revealing their inputs.

Any organization can easily set up a community of players, customize all calculation rules, and may decide to share the result directly with an external party, like a client or a regulator.

Transparency and data privacy are no longer antithetical.

The scope of our platform is large but specifically addressing all areas where parties wish to analyse data without revealing their inputs: like in finance, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce, Internet of Things, etc.