Blockchain is a major technical discovery in computer science and it is contributing to advances in social and economics fields way beyond the digital world. Record, share, store, distribute data or value in reliable and transparent way, without corruption without relying on third parties, are the the promises of blockchain.

Data and value exchanges do not rely anymore on a single central point of failure but is rather built on top of peer-to-peer relation, in a decentralized manner ensuring complete robustness to the system. Transactions are authenticated and validated by computer nodes participating in the network. Every transaction is timestamped inside a block that it itself chained in a cryptographic ways to the previous blocks.

The autonomous distributed architecture of Blockchain is changing the notion of trust improving our society economic and social organization.

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[popup_trigger id=”931″ tag=”span”]JUNE 2019 – TECHNICAL REPORT[/popup_trigger]

The security and robustness guarantees brought by blockchain technology to cryptocurrencies are of particular interest to financial institutions. Blockchain offers the opportunity to rethink financial interactions while improving the security of transactions and lowering operational costs. This study offers a comparison of distributed ledger technologies. It intends to assist decision making within financial institutions wanting to build distributed infrastructures and leverage a technology suited for finance and banking applications.

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[popup_trigger id=”885″ tag=”span”] JANUARY 2019 – RESEARCH REPORT[/popup_trigger]

The Casper project is a research project initiated by the Ethereum project. It aims to come up with an improvement of the Ethereum blockchain that makes it possible to use a blockchain mining mechanism that consumes less energy than existing solutions. Casper includes two lines of development: the Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG) and the Correct By Construction (CBC). Initially, Casper FFG was to be deployed on the Ethereum public blockchain in 2018. Nevertheless, the progress made by the Ethereum teams on Casper CBC led to postponing this deployment in order to give preference to the CBC approach for a more comprehensive development of Ethereum.

This report was conducted for Crédit Agricole CIB.

Early-stage fund raising with smart contracts


Smart contracts offer tremendous opportunities to secure and digitize company equity and contracts management.

As a service for our customers, we built a platform to manage SAFE investments and contracts.

For more information about the AIR/SAFE contract : Announcing the Safe, a Replacement for Convertible Notes, Y Combinator

Bitcoin Lightning Network for e-commerce


Le Lightning Network est un nouveau protocole Bitcoin pour des transferts ultra-rapides. Pour en savoir plus sur les grands principes de fonctionnement du Lightning Network, n’hésitez pas à parcourir notre précedent article sur le sujet.

Le réseau Lightning est en développement, plusieurs équipes travaillent en effet sur des implémentations indépendantes afin de préserver l’aspect décentralisé du Bitcoin. Afin de tester le réseau LN en situation réelle, nous avons ouvert une boutique éphémère qui accepte les paiements en Bitcoin via le réseau Lightning. Nous vous proposons ici de décortiquer de façon concrète le fonctionnement d’une transaction sur le réseau LN.

Sport forecasting with Smart Contracts


We wrote a smart contract in Solidity to manage an open, hopefully secure, mutual betting game. A player inputs its forecast for World Cup games from Group phase to Final. The more accurate the prediction, the more points the player gets. Players in the top 1% split all the pool – more precisely we use a square root function to spice things a bit. A player buys a ticket for a fixed price, but can buy several tickets. You have a little chance to win big.

You can find the full code of the smart contract here.

Overview of cryptography history (French)


Dans le terme cryptologie résonnent intrigues policières et espionnage militaire. Coder, décoder, intercepter, autant d’expressions qui renvoient aux heures noires de la Guerre Froide. Et pourtant, cette science du secret est plus que jamais d’actualité! Transmettre des données confidentielle de façon sécurisée et efficace est devenu une nécessité incontournable de notre siècle. C’est d’ailleurs un élément essentiel de la Blockchain, le garant de son inviolabilité. Avec le développement des emails et des applications de messagerie mobile telles que Whatsapp, WeChat et Telegram, la demande du grand public pour des moyens de communication cryptés ne cesse de croître.

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