The útilproject

útil develops independent financing solutions for governments and state-owned entities, based on blockchain technology. útilcombines the experience of investment banking, sovereign advisory and computer science professionals.

Together with BELEM, we propose a report on blockchain applications in bond financing. Thanks to exceptional interviews with World Bank and Austrian Treasury officials, we shed light on the most promising use cases so far. We also offer our perspectives on the future of blockchain bonds, with a view to encouraging issuers and investors to build their own applications.

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The aim of this document is to look at what has been done in the bond space using blockchain so far, which perspectives these precedents open for other issuers and whether these early developments are going in the right direction. We argue that some use cases already give a sense of the most impressive benefits offered by blockchain applications, and that the issuer’s independence from traditional financial intermediaries is crucial to maximize blockchain technology’s value creation potential for the bond market.